Perfect for anniversaries, honeymoons, or that romantic getaway. Perry himself would have found comfort in the large King bed, high ceilings, hardwood floors, and over-sized bathroom with large jacuzzi tub. With nautical accents.
Named for Perry’s friend and comrade, this stately corner room has a King bed and enjoys Main Street and sunset views. It’s exposed brick wall adds warmth and history, as does one of the original corner bathrooms. If you’re a “ghost-hunter”, some folks say they “hear things” or “feel a presence” in this room.
Our “petite suite” offers a commanding view of quaint Main Street and the Courthouse thru it’s grand double windows. Sarah’s Suite includes a Queen bed and separate sitting room with a comfy sofa (pull-out bed), table and chairs. This suite is named for Perry’s mother, who was an Irish immigrant, and, oddly enough, the infamous William Wallace’s niece.
One of our most popular rooms, due to its view of Main Street and the Courthouse, plus its extra space. This corner room has a Queen bed, comfy highback chair, and original bathroom with vintage tile. *Commodore Perry married Elizabeth Champlin Mason on May 5, 1811. They met at a dance in 1807. Elizabeth had five children with Oliver, one of whom married Benjamin Franklin’s great-granddaughter.
This room has two full-sized beds and eastern-facing windows.
*Perry’s mother actually lived with William Wallace until the age of 15. The famous Scottish hero was her uncle, and took her in after her mother passed away.
Two of our most popular rooms. Cozy and charming, each room has a Queen bed, two chairs, and a small table. *Mercy Hazard was Perry’s paternal grandmother. Both Perry and one of his brothers carried this middle name, as well as his son, Oliver Jr. The Hazards had lived in New England since the mid-1600s.
This comfortable King suite provides our most spacious accommodations. Includes King bed and separate sitting room with a comfy sofa (pull-out bed), table and chairs. *Named for Commodore Perry’s hometown, Newport, Rhode Island. The U.S. Naval College is in Newport. Newport is known as the “place to summer” for America’s wealthiest families at the turn of the 20th century. Many historic “summer cottages” i.e. mansions - are preserved and open for tours. The hotel owners lived near Newport,
Nautilus Room
This deluxe King room is located on the first floor, therefore is handicapped accessible. The Nautilus has new wood floors, however, due to being an “add-on” room, it has no windows (which makes it great for “sleeping in late”!) * The USS Nautilus was the first vessel Commodore Perry commanded, in the First Barbary War, 1805.
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The Staley Building

Our beautifully renovated rooms at the Commodore will be your home-away-from-home.  Historic details like hardwood floors, high ceilings, antique door hardware, and exposed brick walls were preserved to bring you back to a simpler era.  Charming decor and comfortable furniture nurture your body to rest, as well as our quiet, laid-back atmosphere.   All of this combines with our commitment to maintain the highest standards in hospitality.

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