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Opulence and History: The Legacy of Linden's Commodore Hotel

Step into a world where history and elegance intertwine at the historic Commodore Hotel in Linden, Tennessee. Built in 1939 and rescued nearly 70 years later, this Southern gem offers a fulfilling travel experience. With more than 20 uniquely designed rooms, a cafe hosting up-and-coming musical artists and outdoor adventures aplenty, the hotel offers a fully immersive experience.

Commodore Hotel & Cafe in Linden, Tn. Located halfway between Nashville & Memphis
Commodore Hotel & Cafe in Linden, TN

Preserving the legacy of the Commodore Hotel was no small feat, though. In 2007, Michael and Kathy Dumont embarked on a mission to rescue this historic establishment from the ravages of time and total destruction. Meticulously restored to match its bygone era, the hotel now stands as a beacon of vintage elegance, ready to welcome travelers looking to take a step back into the past.


The Commodore Hotel is outfitted with 22 rooms, each of which exudes vintage charm. With many rooms named after Perry County’s namesake, Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry, a hero of the War of 1812, each room boasts its own unique style and character.

You can choose from a spacious room overlooking Linden’s Main Street or a quiet room in the back. Some rooms come with a kitchenette, and the Commodore’s Quarters boasts a king-sized bed and jacuzzi tub.

Commodore Music Cafe

In the hotel's main lobby, the Commodore Music Cafe takes classic Southern cuisine to new heights. With new chef specialties dreamed weekly, every meal uses locally sourced ingredients in dishes like the Capone burger or Nashville hot chicken strips.

While dining, immerse yourself in live music. Since the hotel is not too far from Nashville, both local and touring musicians take the stage every weekend. The low-lighted and ambient atmosphere creates an intimate dining experience.

Speakeasy Lounge

You can relive Prohibition times in the Commodore Hotel’s Speakeasy Lounge. Hidden from plain sight, the lounge is reminiscent of another time, where people escaped to drink when drinking was illegal. With vibes to match the times—including a wooden bar, plush seating, and Art Deco-style ceilings—the Speakeasy Lounge is akin to a time capsule. (Just don’t tell anyone where the entrance is.)

Commodore River Adventures

For nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers, Commodore River Adventures offers a gateway to the region's natural wonders. Rent a kayak and embark on a kayaking journey on the Buffalo River. With guided tours led by the inn's owners Michael and Kathy Dumont, you'll get an up-close and personal experience with the scenery and wildlife of the area. For an even more magical outing, don't miss the nighttime kayaking excursion, where the river comes alive under the glow of lights (dinner and s’mores are included).

Colin Shuran

Experience TN


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