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First National Bank Building
Historic Bank Room

Inspired by the activity happening downtown after the hotel opened, the Dumonts inquired about the oldest building in the downtown area (older ones had been lost to fire). As you would expect from an old bank, the architecture is higher quality and really stands out in the town’s skyline. The first floor was a florist shop which was rarely open, and the second floor had been boarded up since 1965. There was even a comical bank robbery in 1935 to add to its history! This past summer the first floor was renovated as the largest room in the hotel, measuring over 1,200 square feet. Many historical details, including original woodwork, were restored. The second floor, called the Bank Loft, is one of the highest vantage points in town. It’s a real step back in time, since plumbing and even electricity were added post-construction. Fourteen-foot ceilings, seven-foot windows and original hardwood floors and woodwork really transport you to a different era.

First National Bank Building

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