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RVLifestyle Gathering at Buffalo River 

October 17-20, 2022


We are hosting two events for our friends Mike & Jennifer Wendland as part of RVLifestyle’s “Gathering at Buffalo River”


If you will not have an RV at the Gathering spot, you may still purchase tickets for these events and join the fun!

Tuesday, October 18

Fire on the Farm

Visit the Commodore owner’s 400- acre property: Ridgehaven Farms 

  • See the horses, sheep & chickens 

  • Explore the wooded paths to the old cemetery & cave openings

  • “Dinner on the Ground”: Fried chicken, burgers, veggies (BYOB)

  • Bonfire & s’mores 

  • Bring your own Chairs and Drinks!


30 per person 


Wednesday, October 19

Block Party


Dinner featuring our signature Grilled Linden Chicken, Stuffed Pork Loin & vegetables. (Those with special diets please call us 931-589-3224.)

  • Live Music on outdoor stage 

  • Festive Street party atmosphere 

  • Drinks available for purchase in our Speakeasy & Cafe


30 per person 



Experience why we are one of “Six Great Places to Stay” in Tennessee!  We have rooms available in our 1930s hotel for your comfort and convenience.  





In addition to these great events, you can book a fabulous floating kayak adventure on the Buffalo River.   The current is “just enough” to allow you to float all day – and just paddle in order to steer!

Floating the Buffalo is a fun, relaxing activity to free your spirit and soothe your mind!

  • Beginner Lesson & Guided Float $40 per person (2 hours)

  • Half day Floats for experienced kayakers, including Box Lunch $55 per person(Float 40 + Lunch 15)