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Mouse Tail Landing
Mousetail Landing, which was established between 1848 and 1845, was one of the areas primary river ports during the 19th and early 20th century. Legend has it the port was named after the large number of rats and mice which fled as a tannery building burned in the 1860s. During the Civil War, union cavalry forces disembarked near Mousetail and conducted an attack on Linden, the county seat, capturing it and burning the courthouse before withdrawing back to Mousetail and embarking again on steamboats. After the war, the Landing facilities were used to ship farm products and timber until the end of the peanut boom around the turn of the century. Today, Mousetail State Park encompasses the old landing area and offers a wide variety of activities and services to thousands of visitors each year. The park contains the old landing pier and several archeological ruins from the early landing days.

Bussletown Wildlife Refuge
Bussletown Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge contains over 4600 acres of water, forest and farmland. Located on and around the west bank of the Tennessee River in Decatur County, its entry is located approximately 5 miles northeast of Parsons. A variety of wildlife can be viewed in the park refuge year round with large numbers of wading birds in the spring and fall, and migratory waterfowl in the fall and winter. The area is rich in deer, beaver, raccoon, squirrels and wild turkey. Observers can take pets on leash into the area, and bicycles can be ridden on established roads. Campers, RVs and 4 wheelers are not allowed, and neither are open fires.

Lady's Bluff
Lady's Bluff is the primary feature in A TVA small wild area, located near the section of river once known as the narrows. River boats (barges) cannot pass in the narrows; only one may transverse it at a time. The view from the top of the bluff is one of the finest scenes available anywhere. The top can be reached by a foot trail through a typical upland forest. The trail follows the Lick Creek embayment out to the main body of the Tennessee River and loops up to the top of the bluff. From the top, an excellent view of the river is afforded and the National migratory wildlife refuge is visible on the opposite bank. In mid October this area becomes a rest stop for thousands of migratory birds on their way south for the winter. Lady 's Bluff Small Wild Area is known for its picturesque Red Cedar (not true Cedars but members of the Juniper family of evergreens.) The area also has Shag Bark Hickory, Slippery Elm, Sugar Maple and Persimmon. Common wild flowers include Shooting Star, Trillium, Wild Geranium, Phlox, Jack-In-The-Pulpit and wild Ginger. The round trip walking distance of Lady's Bluff trail is 2.7 miles from the graveled parking area at the trail head.

prepared by Bill Paschall.

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